5 minutes with Sanchia Sevel

We sat down with Fashion Blogger Sanchia Sevel to talk shoes, fashion, love and weddings… and how to dress to impress. Spoiler alert – she owns over 100 pairs of shoes!!



What are you doing for Valentine’s Day this year? 

I haven’t planned anything yet but I would love to go to the Moonlight Cinemas or for a picnic at the Botanical Gardens.

Will you be giving a gift this Valentine’s Day?

I will be. Even if you don’t believe in Valentine’s Day, everyone deserves to be spoilt once and a while.

Where did you meet the special someone in your life? 

We met at Boutique nightclub, how romantic! Warren had been at the races and was wearing a suit and I couldn’t stop staring at him. We disagree on who saw who first but he eventually came over and spoke to me and asked me out on a date.

What’s the most romantic date you have been on?

We had our anniversary in New York a couple of years ago and went out on a sailing boat on the Hudson. It was so beautiful seeing New York from the water. The sky was bright pink and the crew said it was the most amazing sunset they had ever seen.

We hear you’re planning a wedding, what are your tips?

I am and I only gave myself five months do it in, oops! I would say don’t lose your mind over the little things and try not to complicate your day.

Everyone says it goes so quickly so you don’t want to waste one second stressing over a little detail.  I feel the most important elements of a wedding are your closest friends and family, amazing music and delicious food and drinks.  Your guests aren’t going to remember what colour the menus were so it’s not worth losing sleep over.

How do you dress to impress?

I’m quite casual during the week so I love dressing up on the weekend or on date night. I feel my best in a new dress or playsuit and heels are always a must!

Your personal style in 3 words?

Relaxed, feminine and understated.

The key to great style is…

Wearing what suits your body and being comfortable. If I’m uncomfortable or what I’m wearing doesn’t fit properly it shows on my face and I don’t look as confident.

How many pairs of shoes do you own?

I actually cleaned out my shoedrobe over the holidays and there were over 100 pairs. After 3 hours of culling I only managed to throw out 5 pairs

My signature scent..

Angel by Terry Mugler, I stole it from my sister.

4 must-have shoes for every woman’s wardrobe?

A pair of classic black heels, a statement heel, a nude strappy heel and a cute pair of summer sandals.

My style icon is..

I’m going through a major Lara Bingle phase at the moment. She rarely gets it wrong.