Carrier: Budu | Top: Marks and Spencer | Skirt: Isabel Marant

Masey is 5 months today and I honestly don’t know where the time has gone.

He has been a super chilled baby since day one but we figured out he had a little reflux in the early days which meant he hated being on his back and needed a little extra love when he was sleeping. Because he would be uncomfortable we could rarely put him in his bassinet during the day and he would only want to sleep on me. I have to say I secretly loved the hours and hours of cuddles but as time went on it was impossible to do anything productive.

Every time another mum would spend time with me she would always tell me to get myself a baby carrier. I did a little googling and while I liked the idea, all of the options didn’t look very fashionable.

When I came across the Budu carrier I fell in love! Finally something I’d be willing to leave the house in. The bamboo cotton and leather details are so beautiful and there’s no thick straps or velcro in sight! It matches all my clothes and I keep it in my pram whenever I go shopping so that I can pop him in when it’s time to nap. I always get compliments when I’m out ( his little head is so cute poking out) but also because no one has ever seen such a modern baby accessory.

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