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Choosing a pram when you’re pregnant is a big deal! Or at least it was for me. I spent so much time researching the different brands and styles available because I thought this is an item you’re going to be using every day for the next few years of your life. I was really disappointed to find they all looked so big, clunky and..mumish. Being pregnant at 26 meant I wanted something that still looked young, chic and stylish but also did the job! And after months of searching I finally found the Cybex Priam.


What I love about the Priam is it looks so modern and different to every other pram you usually see. The black and chrome design make it the perfect accessory for mums who still want to be fashionable.

A pram that looks good is always fun, but of course I wanted it to be safe and sound for my little bubba. I love the fact that the pram has a huge canopy so when it’s sunny he can be fully covered. I was amazed at how many prams didn’t have this (and offered an annoying umbrella attachment as a replacement)

The pram is actually quite high which means you are closer to your baby and it’s perfect for taller parents. Not a function I need personally (vertically challenged!) but my husband is 6″3 so he really appreciates not having to bend down to be able to reach the basinet. It is also table height so there’s no need for a baby seat at cafes when it’s time for babycinos, and there’s going to be lots of those!


When our baby is old enough to sit up, the basinet actually turns into a toddler seat and the whole pram becomes a stroller. This was such a tick for me because I didn’t want to get used to a pram only to have to buy another one in 4 months time because my baby has outgrown it or because it’s not functional anymore as a stroller. This also means you don’t have to spend anything additionally on a toddler seat as it comes included. The huge underneath basket means I don’t need to have an extra shopping bag attachment and everything can sit neatly underneath.


It’s such a dream to push and I couldn’t resist doing a little practice run the other day. I also tried folding it myself to put in the car and it was so easy. I’m not that strong at the moment, being pregnant, and I didn’t even struggle. Some of the other prams we tried were already driving me crazy in the store because the buttons were so hard and rigid that it took you five minutes just to take it apart. Not something I will have time or patience for in the Chadstone car park!

I can’t wait to push Baby Sevel around in this bad boy and

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