The last trimester


I have to say the last trimester was really my favourite. During the first trimester I never really felt pregnant and for most of the second I didn’t have a bump but by the third I was loving his little kicks and punches every day and I had more energy than the 6 months before. We moved house around 2 months before Mason was due and things finally started to feel real when we set up his cot and everything else in his nursery.

Everyone kept telling us to enjoy our sleep and to try and savour our time just the two of us but as every weekend would come and go we found ourselves giddy with excitement at the thought of him arriving. We did our best to do things that we thought we wouldn’t be able to do for a while, like eating at our favourite non baby friendly restaurants and seeing movies and making spontaneus decisions to go away for the weekend but we reached the point where we both felt as much as we loved our lives we had both ticked off everything on our baby bucket list!


I was booked into breastfeeding and birthing classes at the hospital at around 36 weeks. I always imagined them to be like you see in the movies where nervous couples watch a hideous birthing video and learn about every possible thing that can go wrong (I’m very dramatic, I’m sure they’re nothing like that!) By the time they came around I was almost dreading them and made an executive decision to just skip them. When I get an idea in my head I tend to fixate on it and I didn’t want to go into birth or breastfeeding having any sort of plan or image of how it would go. I also believe that it’s 2016 and everything you need to know can be found on the internet these days so I did a bit of reading online and was satisfied with the amount of information I found.

I also came across the best app, My Medela, for breastfeeding and answers to questions about pregnancy, breastfeeding and breastfeeding products. Being a first time (and young) mum I wanted to do what felt right to me and the the features on the app and thought of having everything on my phone made me feel more confident than the prospect sitting through the classes.  You can keep track of what’s happening whenever you want, with the MyMedela diary including when and how long you breastfeed and express milk, evaluate your progress and get tips from experts. Having it on your phone means you don’t need to worry about writing everything down, which was impossible when I was sleep deprived and in hospital.

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