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St Collins Lane Mother’s Day Gift Guide

This Mother’s Day, treat your mum to a gift that is as unique as she is. I’m very excited to share that I have joined St Collins lane as a Style Ambassador and I had the pleasure of visiting a few stores last week to curate a gift guide featuring my favourite items designed to suit all types of mums.

Is your mum a glitzy mum or is she all about comfort? Is she a colourful mum or all about the modern basics?

“My style has changed a little since becoming a mum but I have always loved fashion and that will never change… I guess the main difference now is I don’t have a lot of time in the morning to put together really elaborate outfits or sift through an huge wardrobe of clothes. I prefer to have a smaller wardrobe and invest in capsule pieces that I really love.”



The glitzy mum is easy to spot thanks to her love of things that shine bright. She loves to make a statement ensuring there’s never a dull moment when she’s around.

The perfect present for this mum is something that is equally brilliant. Turn to Cerrone’s Carmela Collection – a range that remains timeless yet versatile for every-day wear. Hand-crafted at Cerrone’s Sydney workshop by Carmela herself, this detachable tassel necklace of stunning fresh-water pearls and silver cubic zirconia and is something that your mum will treasure forever.



For the mum who’s always on the go, an oversized bag that fits everything is a must. My pick is this bag from ECCO. It’s a softly-constructed bag featuring a detachable, adjustable shoulder strap and baby ottoman lining. This carry all will take your mum from work to the weekend in no time.



The trendsetter mum knows her fashion inside out. Being a classic mum myself, I love Jo Mercer for its trendy and quality pieces. These boots are classic in shape and the colour is on trend. Boasting a small heel as well, they’re stylish and comfy enough for the mum that needs to run around.




Offering timeless work-wear and classic staples, she’ll be obsessed with anything that CUE has to offer. Made from European floral print fabric, we love this classic shirt that features a contrast necktie, a cutaway peplum hem and a contrast button cuff detail. Effortlessly versatile, she’ll be able to dress up during the week for or pare back with denim jeans for the weekend.



The Parisian mum encompasses grace and elegance. Her style is effortless and timeless – think Breton stripes, classic blazers and that ‘je ne sais quoi’ allure. For an outfit that will seamlessly fit in her wardrobe, this look that I’m wearing from French favourite Sandro ticks all the boxes.



For the mum that paints the town red, Review knows how to cater for her every need. The outfit that I’m wearing packs a punch and will live up to your mum’s colourful character. View their collection for more feminine shapes and playful prints that will mostly certainly tickle her fancy.



For the comfy mum, UGG has all the answers to your gifting needs. The Dakota Stripe slipper adds a touch of luxury to her comfort. Crafted from water-resistant suede with the softest wool lining and durable rubber outsole, this moccasin will keep her cosy through the winter season.



For the mum that enjoys the finer things in life, take her for a high tea experience like no other. In the comfort of Runya’s Room’s lush 70s-style lounge, she’ll be able to enjoy a spread of decadent treats and extravagant sandwich platters. It’s the culinary delight that she’ll deserve.



The radiant mum knows how to look after herself. With the help of Australian Skin Clinics, she can keep on shining and rejuvenate her skin with micro-dermabrasion sessions or relaxing facials. Treat her with a voucher this Mother’s Day for a gift that she can choose herself.



The classic mum lives in comfort with her Birkenstocks. Keep her on point and update her wardrobe with some chic metallic footwear. This rose gold style will match everything she wears and there’s no doubt she’ll wear them to death.



The All American Mum loves her red, whites and blues and is all about the classics mixed in Americana charm – think fringing, suede and lots of denim. For a customised present that your mum will cherish, look no further than Coach’s monogramming service. With the purchase of any leather good, receive a complimentary hangtag monogramed with her initials at Coach’s Craftsmanship Bar.



Does your mum know her tagliatelle from her tortigliono? Her cannoli from her cannelloni? She must be the Masterchef mum.

Spoil her on an all-Italian experience at 70 Grams. With a touch of New-York cool, their signature 22-inch pizza is a crowd pleaser that won’t disappoint. The menu covers all the staples such as a classic Carbonara Rigatoni or traditional Bolognese Linguine. Finish on a Tuscan Prosecco or Veneto Pinot Grigio for a feast that is sure to leave mum smiling.




Pregnancy Photoshoot

In what feels like a few days, Mason is already seven weeks old. Being pregnant feels like a distant memory and even though it has flown by, I already struggle to remember what life was like before we had our beautiful little boy.

The bump

The bigger you get when you’re pregnant the more people talk to you about how pregnant you look. It was like I had a billboard on my head that said, please random stranger, start a conversation with me. I have to say it was really nice as most people congratulate you and wish you the best for the future. Every store I would go into, the lady at the counter would ask how far along I was and then the inevitable question, I bet you can’t wait to not be pregnant anymore? For some reason I would always nod and say something generic like oh, yes, can’t wait! (in the same tone as Miranda from Sex and the City when she had to fain excitement for Magda) but in reality I actually wasn’t excited for it to end at all. It wasn’t that I was dreading birth or having a baby, I just really liked being pregnant.

I know most people say the last few weeks are pure hell but for some reason the closer I got to the end the more I wanted it to go on and on. Your body changes so much but it happens so gradually that sometimes you don’t notice it day to day. I just found it so crazy what our bodies are capable of and realised I was going to miss the bump. I had every app known to man and was tuned in to every fetal milestone. Towards the end the kicks and punches were on another level. It really was such a special time and a lot of friends also told me that the second pregnancy you’re so busy with a toddler that you just don’t notice and enjoy being pregnant as much.

Pregnancy Photoshoot

I’ve always been quite a sentimental person. My husband always laughs at the things I keep, plane tickets, disneyland maps and hotel keycards. But when you’re pregnant, what can you keep to remember your tummy? The clothes, god no I planned on burning those. The books, “what to expect when expecting” has already been leant to my next pregnant friend. The belly cast, the last thing you want to do when heavily pregnant is to be covered in paper mache. All I can think about is the part when you pop the balloon with a pin! Eek.

I always toyed with the idea of doing a pregnancy photoshoot but everytime I looked into it I was always put off by how tacky the photos looked. I thought to myself, I’ll never regret doing a shoot, if the photos are bad I’ll just never look at them. But there was always a risk that if I didn’t do one I would always look back with regret and wish I had beautiful photos of that time in my life.

I really wanted to document the bump but do it in a way that still maintained my style. While I was pregnant I really tried to look like my usual self. I felt like I didn’t veer too far from my usual style and that made me feel at ease with all the changes that we’re going on. I couldn’t control how wide my hips were getting, but I could buy the same One Teaspoon shorts in three different sizes. So when I finally decided on doing a shoot, I only wanted to chose items from my wardrobe. Strictly no maternity or loose sheets or any other weird pregnancy stuff. I also thought if I attempted the photos at home they were never going to look decent so full make up, hair and studio lighting was required.

Considering I had waited until I was 38 weeks pregnant, It was quite daunting trying to find a studio. I happened to find the Photo Studio in Fitzroy. The whole team was so lovely and they actually specialise in women’s photo shoots, both professional models and total first-timers. They organised a photographer (James Broadhurst), make up artist, stylist and hairdresser for me in under 24 hours and totally got the vision I was going for. When I explained to the stylist what I wanted to do she suggested bringing in an oversized hat and lots of accessories. I followed her advice and can now see how important it was. While I love dressing up for events and everyday life, studio photography is on another level and it just proves how important it is to work with people you can trust. 

Post Bump

Now that Mason is in the real world  these photos mean more to me than I could ever have imagined. All those hours spent wondering what he was going to look like, who’s features he would have and what day he was going to be born seem like a distant memory. But these photos will always be a reminder of the nine months I spent with him before I met him.


The Photo Studio Fitzroy; Fashion; James Broadhurst; Sanchia Sevel

The Photo Studio Fitzroy; Fashion; James Broadhurst; Sanchia Sevel

The Photo Studio Fitzroy; Fashion; James Broadhurst; Sanchia Sevel

The Photo Studio Fitzroy; Fashion; James Broadhurst; Sanchia Sevel

The Photo Studio Fitzroy; Fashion; James Broadhurst; Sanchia Sevel

The Photo Studio Fitzroy; Fashion; James Broadhurst; Sanchia Sevel

The Photo Studio Fitzroy; Fashion; James Broadhurst; Sanchia Sevel


Eleven by Joey Scandizzo

Joey Scandizzo_Eleven_Melbourne_fashion_blog

I recently had the opportunity to do a photoshoot to celebrate the launch of a new product by Eleven. I had my make-up done by Kylie O’toole, Hair by Joey Scandizzo and portrait shot by Andrew O’toole.

As I have very fine hair, a bouncy wave is what I always ask for whenever I have my hair done. I find a straight middle part gives me the most amount of volume and frames my face nicely.

I was also 6 weeks pregnant here so this photo will always be very special to me.

Dress. Self Portrait, similar here.