I’m so excited to share our wedding video, made by the amazing team from Purple Ribbon Weddings. It has been such a big couple of months for me and I have to admit that I’ve watched this video every day since it was sent to us.

Choosing Purple Ribbon was a no brainer as they have made beautiful videos for many of our friends. This still didn’t prepare us for how overwhelmingly happy we were (there were tears) when we saw our wedding day brilliantly edited down to 4 minutes. The whole team were so helpful and lovely and they took care of everything so that on the day we didn’t have to stress or worry about anything.

While we were planning our wedding I did have a lot of people tell me “oh don’t waste money on a wedding video, you’ll never watch it” or “I paid x amount for my video and I hate it.” I’m quite sentimental when it comes to photos and memories and my husband works in TV so opinions always went in one ear and out the other for us. All you have left after your wedding are the memories (and an expensive dress you’ll never wear again) so the more footage/photos the better!

While memories are important they should never distract from having a beautiful day. What was great for us was that we barely noticed Adam and Nathan on the day, they were seriously ninja’s. We never did something to specifically get a shot or worried about where the cameras were. Watching the video just makes me realise they didn’t miss a single special moment.

I’ll be doing a separate post on my do’s and don’ts and all my wedding suppliers next week x

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